Agricultural expressions are certain phrases rooted in agricultural actions and products which are a way of conveying emotional information from person to person. There are currently two classes of of these "agrexes": grain and fruit. Grain agrexes relate dissatisfaction, anger, or infuriation, while fruit agrexes convey satisfaction, happiness, or general "goodness." The following is an extensive list of agrexes:


  • to thresh one's rye
  • to mill one's wheat
  • to hull one's rice
  • to harvest one's barley
  • to grind one's corn


  • to juice one's oranges
  • to slice one's apples
  • to pick one's grapes

The above lists are the only approved agricultural expressions, though forms of them are perfectly acceptable and encouraged. Take the following expressions and their respective literalizations:

  • That threshes my rye.
    • That gets me angry.
  • You thresh my rye.
    • You make me angry.
  • My rye has been threshed.
    • I am angry.

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